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Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program
The Retired Senior Volunteer Program's mission is to provide an opportunity for any person 55 years and older to continue their personal growth, remain independent and share their knowledge and experience with those who are in need.
Provide community services
The RSVP volunteers are able to provide services to our community at no cost.  RSVP has 200 volunteers made up of professionals, educators, farmers, homemakers or anyone willing to offer "a caring hand and helping heart."
41,000 volunteer hours
RSVP volunteers donated over 41,000 hours this past year and we continued to grow.   RSVP is sponsored by the Pilot Club and supported by the Corporation for National Service.
The 1998 Jefferson Count United Way allocation to the Retired Senior Volunteer Program is $3.500.00.

Your dollars sharing the magic!

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