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How does the United Way work? 
    Who operates the United way?
       and other FAQ's (frequently asked questions)
          are found on this page.
Who Operates the United Way? 
You do! You run the United Way, a voluntary organization supervised by a Board of Directors elected by contributors from the community.
What are the advantages of the United Way.
The United Way is the answer to the unnecessary extra time and cost spent on separate fund raising campaigns.  It grew out of the demand for more efficient, economical, and effective methods of raising and distributing money in one annual appeal for many human-care services.
Who decides the goal?
Volunteers representing all walks of life.   When agency budgets are submitted, each of the items on the budget is careful reviewed every year to make certain the money is needed.  After all 14 budgets have been trimmed to the bare essentials a dollar goal is established.
Why aren't all drives
in the United Way?
The United Way is not all inclusive.  Any eligible voluntary health, youth, or service agency may apply for membership in the United Way, but the United Way cannot force them to join.
How much money actually goes to the United Way agencies?
Of each dollar contributed, about 91 cents is spent to serve the people.  Approximately only 9 cents goes for campaign and year-round United Way administrative cost.
Do I have to pay cash now?
No, a year-round pledge is the best way to make you contribution.  Use the payroll payment plan in your company or pay your pledge directly to the United Way monthly,
quarterly or as it suits you.
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